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Internet Access, Ahem, Well, Erm, Yes.

June 24, 2011

Some people have said that internet access seems slow over the last few days. I’ve noticed it myself once or twice.

A few weeks back I made a change which only allows web access through a box called a ‘proxy’ which records it. This helps to speed up network access and also allows easier identification of which PCs might be virus infected and making lots of dodgy internet requests.

It’s all part of my mad attempts to get everything cleaned up for when I leave.

The proxy logs are pretty ‘high level’ in that they would record say a visit to gMail but not who was emailed or in any way the content of the pages. A similar proxy runs for our Government Network controlled by the Office of the Prime Minister and possibly even logging to a greater level.

Having been pretty darn busy for the last few days I haven’t had a chance to see if any specific computer is slowing the network down. Today I was in a feedback meeting with a WiFi connected laptop so had a quick browse while TB treatment protocols and other things not concerning me were being discussed.

First I accessed our network tools and the reporting options for our proxy (note in these images stuff is redacted to protect the guilty and also our network details):

Kunene Network Tools Main Menu

Then it was onto the proxy reports (SARG) for today:

Web Access for June 24th 2011 in Kunene Region

So then our top user for the day has downloaded over 1Gb (quite a bit) and been responsible for 81% of all internet bandwidth.

I wonder if it’s perhaps a combination of Windows and anti-virus updates? A rogue virus? New health information from the WHO in massive download format?

Clicking through:

Web Access for 24th June 2011 for Person X

Um, no, it appears to be technicolour grumble flicks.

A closeup of the top 4 URLs if you can’t be bothered to click or can’t see them:

Closeup of Top Web Sites for 24th June for Person X

Erm, well, yes. Bit awkward.

I have never put any filtering in place here (apart from the 30 minutes when I accidentally blocked Facebook testing the proxy – met with much hostility). Everyone is professional staff and I’ve never been asked or told to limit anything.

Only looking for a possible virus I find this. And this is a probable cause of slow internet access.

What to do? Name and shame? Block that site (and/or any other gentlemen’s entertainment sites)? Nothing? Redirect traffic to lolcats? Mention quietly in conversation with X that the internet is slow and I think pr0n is to blame and am investigating the ‘source’? Demand a copy?

I’ll ponder it over the weekend.