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The Water in Namibia Doesn’t Weigh Like What It Ought To

May 29, 2009

As part of the process of playing house I bought a measuring jug which slightly strangely has the measurements on the inside.

It has volume on one side and weight on the other. All very well and good.

Apart from the fact I always thought 1ml of water equals 1gram and so 1l = 1kg etc. Not according to this jug where…

Volume of Water

Volume of Water

Weight of Water

Weight of Water

As you can see (I hope) about 1300ml = 1kg. Hmm.

Which do I believe? Should I buy a 1l bottle of water and use that as a guide? But who’s to say that is accurate.

Yes that is exactly the sort of pressing concern that I fill my day with. Jealous? You should be.